this mess is a house

we’re not ones to hoard stuff. and we love a clutter-free house. yet, we still find ourselves sitting amidst heaps of junk now that we’re sorting out all our things.all this clearing out had me trying out different ways of how we can get rid of stuff without filling up the bins. i was hoping this could some in useful for those doing spring cleaning.

all used paper, cardboards, glass bottles, plastic bottles (minus caps), food cans, textiles, old shoes are going to the recycling centre. in hertfordshire, look at, to find out the recycling areas and what they can accept. sorting out stuff for recycling is really quite complicated.

we recycle whenever we can. but much better to re-use than recycle.

and because every penny counts when you’re converting to peso, all things that can be sold are, well, sold. we’ve done the carboot during the summer. flogged off items to friends. sold the car and various gadgets on ebay. advertised for free on the local paper (great for selling kitchen gadgets and white goods). next step would be to get a second-hand shop to price the remaining bulky items.

and items that are still usable but we couldn’t easily sell goes to charity shops (old, but usable clothes, household items, bric-a-bracs). and posted on freecycle where i got an avalanche of interests for a broken laptop, various stationery items, techy books, and mismatched glassware and dinnerware. used duvets (those with no feathers), can go to animal shelters. mine are going to in aspley guise. most recycling centres also take in broken furniture which are repaired and later sold off for charity. Emmaus, a charity for homeless people, would even pick up such items.

the local council, for a fee (from £30), will dispose of bulky items like mattresses. but if you are buying new mattresses, the store where you bought your new one from will readily dispose of the old one for free.

And manufacturers have a social responsibility to offer ways to safely dispose of their products. Brita filters have a freepost address to send in your used Brita filters for recycling.  But Sharp never did reply to my email nor have a contact number for recycling their products.

 I wonder now how I would go about my recycling practices in Manila.


2 thoughts on “this mess is a house

  1. just so you!
    you may also do this in manila…just look for your basurero…he/she will gladly accept your bin
    for other stuff…you may look for charities who will benefit most

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