let me wear pearls on my wedding and not worry about what luck it brings me. let me follow my heart and have faith that the shower of blessings will not falter.

so i will try on my gown before the wedding. and i will not try to have something old, borrowed and blue.

know that on our day, nothing will bring us bad luck. wish us well. uncross those fingers. stop knocking on wood. and just believe. some things are stronger than luck.


3 thoughts on “fate

  1. hey ana! good luck, good luck! magkasunod lang pala tayo ng anniv (we’ll be celebrating our first year on feb 18th). so happy for you…don’t worry about luck or fate on your wedding day. the cosmos will conspire to make w-day one of the happiest days of your life. 🙂 chin up, savor every minute of the day. you don’t want it to go by too fast that you won’t remember a thing. 🙂 congratulations!!!!!

  2. hi data! thank you! i do believe that nothing will ruin our day and our marriage. all i’m hoping for is everybody will believe that. 🙂 advance happy anniversary!

  3. Marriage could be compared to a life-long quest where those who stay committed to the journey take home the prize. Read 1 Corinthians 13 & be blessed! CONGRATULATIONS!

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