the cebu pacific experience

i’m beginning to think that the real catch with going via budget airline oasis is that you have to fly via cebu pacific to get from hong kong to manila.

at £40 one way, maybe there really isn’t much to expect. flight was scheduled at 9:50pm and was taxiing down the runway a whole hour later. but landed in manila only about 15 minutes late. it was a small plane – 3 seats on each side and no business class. free mango juice was served an hour into the slightly turbulent flight. extra food was available but not free. i think they offered sandwiches, peanuts and instant noodles.

the staff hardly smiled but were quite polite and did the obligatory greetings.

there were no inflight entertainment at all but at least the magazine showcased the beauty of the country.

but with the flight time under 3 hours, it wasn’t much of a sacrifice to fly cheaply.

…but there were no clapping when we landed. that was a first for me. i did feel i was shortchanged there.

3 thoughts on “the cebu pacific experience

  1. I have never flown with Cebu Pacific so I won’t comment on that but I thought it’s quite funny and heartwarming when people DO clap once the plane touches down eh? 🙂

  2. D’un nga nafefeel ang bayanihan spirit. sa clapping once plane hits the ground. Anyway, I’ve only experienced it when I went home for Christmas.

    Nice pics in HK, btw.

  3. oo nga. kaya nga nakakapanibago, no clapping. baka hindi mga balikbayan yung mga nakasabay ko? or masyado sila madalas umuwi at di nila feel….come to think of it, i never clapped before. i was always too embarassed.

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