i worry. that if i let go now, i’d end up with a disorganised wedding. or that our guests would criticize all our efforts. or that our guests would ignore our requests at the church. or that some guests would fail to understand that they can’t bring more than the numbers alloted to them.

i am anxious. still after all these years of planning, and coming home a month and a half before the day, we are still tying up loose ends a couple of weeks before the wedding.

but i am happy. that i am marrying the best guy a girl can ever want. my best friend. my soul mate…maybe i have nothing to be worried about after all.


ears bleeding

currently stuck at the condo’s clubhouse because this is where i can get internet access.

but there is a karaoke session going on here. and my ears are bleeding. am trying really hard to appreciate the off-key voice of someone doing karaoke. even as she murders a number of my favourite songs.

restaurant review: Spiral

we went with the whole family on recommendation of a friend.

at P1,800 per head, it was going to be quite an expensive meal by manila standards. but we wanted to treat the family to a good meal. and we were not disappointed.

the restaurant is located in Sofitel Philippine Plaza (used to be Westin) in the CCP Complex right next to the Coconut Palace.

 we gorged on oysters, prawns and champagne for appetisers. then couldn’t quite decide on what to eat next. there’s an endless selection of cold cuts, breads, cheese, sushi, grills, pasta, noodles, curries, and a really long line of desserts. my dad and i were comparing dishes we ate and i don’t think i’ve managed to eat any of what he had! my mom was regretting that she wasn’t able to get any halo-halo as she couldn’t possible eat any more.

we were there from the time they opened at 11:30 until they close the buffet at 3:30.

you cannot complain about the selection of food. and all of the stuff i ate tasted great. my dad was complaining about the prawns which he thought were half-cooked and probably not that fresh. but was raving about everything else.  

if you intend to be a glutton for a day, this is the place to go. don’t go if you’re on a diet or are paying for a bunch of kids who wouldn’t eat as much (kids under 12 go for 50% off and under 5s go free).

Thanks Simon for the recommendation!

restaurant review: Barbara’s

i have been wanting to eat at this restaurant for a long while.

they’re located right in front of the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. ambiance is very old manila. i have considered to have my reception here (but it was too small) and would have got them as caterer if my current venue would allow it (they don’t).

i guess i expected a lot from this restaurant. and i was terribly disappointed.

my seafood pasta was very oily and really fishy. al’s lasagna tasted like mashed potatoes. there were tiny cockroaches crawling on the seat next to mine. and the waiter casually took the chair aside when we pointed it out. and he wasn’t at all apologetic, like it was a normal occurence. service was poor, you had to wait a while to get noticed even when there were only less than 5 tables occupied. there was an ant in my iced tea, which i dismissed (because there’s no getting away from them).

such a pity. i really loved the ambiance. but i would not go back there even if somebody is paying for my meal.