ears bleeding

currently stuck at the condo’s clubhouse because this is where i can get internet access.

but there is a karaoke session going on here. and my ears are bleeding. am trying really hard to appreciate the off-key voice of someone doing karaoke. even as she murders a number of my favourite songs.


3 thoughts on “ears bleeding

  1. OMG, poor you!!! Back home, I had the same freakin’ experience with dang karaoke showdown in our neighborhood… And get this, we KNOW we are perceived as snobs – because all of us (my 2 other sisters) would really knock on the houses and literally tell them to ‘shut up’ or we’ll call the police thingamajig. What’s with some people being too exuberant with their (hidden – NOT) talent?!?!

  2. you really did that?! i wouldn’t have the guts! people here don’t know about noise pollution. either that or they really do think people are lucky to be hearing them.

  3. Oh yes, we did so – and we might be perceived as pricks but I’m sure the rest of our neighborhood were just happy that there are the SISTERS who can stand up to this majorly irritating nonesense! Besides, who in their right minds would sing to their hearts’ content until 2am!?!? Que horror!!!!

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