Coron, Palawan

how we got there. fly via SeaAir to Busuanga. Francisco Reyes airport in Busuanga is a small airport with only a hut and not much staff. don’t expect to get travel information here. there are a few leaflets lying about and a number of people from different resorts trying to get your attention. you can ask the people unloading your baggage for information or the jeepney driver. From Busuanga, take a jeepney outside the airport which will take you to your resort’s doorstep and help you with your luggage. Fare P150/person and takes roughly an hour.Coron. we were impressed with the town’s cleanliness. hardly any rubbish on the roads. small town. quiet streets. hardly any vehicles save from the motorcycles and tricycles. a good number of tourists. people go here primarily for wreck diving and not much else. we really didn’t go anywhere outside of Coron. i planned this to be a quiet time after all the stresses of the wedding. didn’t really planned to go here but getting tickets to Palawan had been a nightmare. and so we managed to get the last 2 tickets to busuanga the day after the wedding.

Sea Dive Resort. from P650 room/night for a room with fan. room is what i thought it would look like in a seedy motel in manila (not that i’ve been to one!). i was thankful we had our sleeping bags to drape over the bed. view from the roofdeck overlooks nearby coron island. great place to take a nap. we transferred to an aircon room (P950) the following night and room was slightly better (though we still prefer to use the sleeping bag). this is a great start off point to go wreck diving as this is a primarily a diving centre (with decompression facilities). Restaurant serves good food. staff are helpful. Boats going to El Nido leaves from here.

L&M Pe Restaurant. great if you’re only out for drinking. food wasn’t that great. lighting not adequate.

The Old House. popular meeting place for a drink or two i was told. but not really great for a meal. we were here at lunch time and it was just us eating. disinterested waitress/owner/cook misunderstood our order and so we had to wait some more time for the other meal to be served. it came too quickly – chicken was undercooked.

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