Cuyo, Palawan

not really a tourist destination. but we had family there and really made an effort to go there to visit our ninang. Amanpulo, probably the Philippine’s most exclusive resort is among the Cuyo islands (no, sadly, we could not afford to go there – P150K for 3 nights!).

how we got there. milagrosa makes a twice a week trip from puerto princesa to iloilo via cuyo. bookings are made well in advance as there is just this one shipping company that runs that route. the other choice would be to fly via seaair which would cost 3x as much. less than P900 for one-way to cuyo.

taking milagrosa is an experience in itself. we were booked in the tourist class – with a/c. but it was sweltering in there until a few hours later. and it never got really cold enough. prepare to sleep with cockroaches (small ones lang naman). and some level of filth. there really isn’t any place to go to around the boat, though they have a small canteen. not very clean basic toilets but with running water.

we had a great time here with relatives. very friendly, very hospitable people. life is very laid back. entertainment would be going for a drink with friends and singing to your heart’s content (videoke!). we heard local tales of gold and treasures still being found and asking for permission from the devil before you can lay your hands on found treasures. the beach is quite great place to walk around in during sunset. the waters are clean. local folks make their living on catching live fish (buhay buhay) and could cost about P2k a piece.


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