Iloilo City

how we got there. via milagrosa again. but this time in de-luxe class. bunk beds still have foam. but no a/c this time. ship departed 4 hours late, and we had the whole barangay at the terminal with us by the time waiting with us. many chance passengers managed to get on board even if they have no beds. on a 10-hour journey, on a boat with not much space, that is no joke. i ended up sharing my bunk with another lady dying to get some sleep. and so i ended up not being able to get much sleep as well as that bed was made for just 1 person.

if there is anybody from iloilo reading this….we were quite stumped to see people lining up at the toilets to take a shower a few hours before disembarking. (it irked me as well, as i was dying to get to the loo and see people in front of me with towels and shampoos). i am all for maintaining hygiene, but isn’t it a lot easier to shower when you get to your own home? considering too that the shower area isn’t at all that hygienic and there’s not much maneuvering space to get dressed without getting your clothes wet. i really would much rather stink for a few more hours than shower there.

not really a very exciting city, though it has a lot of the comforts, if not all, that manila has to offer.

Ted’s Old Timer’s La Paz Batchoy is the city’s pride. Am not too much fond of batchoy, but they are quite good.

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