Zamboanga City

how we got here: superferry from Gen San. P1043 with meals. non/ac accomodations.

Zamboanga City is a bustling town. Architecture here looks a bit different. There are still a few buildings worth seeing if you walk around. There are a few small malls here with fastfood and a few shops.

ND Express Laundry. Gov. Alvarez Avenue.

Chowking. La Purisima St. chinese fastfood.

La Vina Hotel and Restaurant. P1008. Gov Alvarez Street. Comfortable rooms. Really good resturant atop the hotel with good views of the city.

Lantaka Hotel Restaurant. Valderrosa St. Good for dining in the evenings by the sea. Live singers. Food ok but quite expensive.

Fort Pilar. Good place to go to learn a bit about the city. Don’t expect too much though. we had a bit of a laugh counting the number of couples we see here as it seems to be a popular for dates (on a budget?).

Rio Hondo. It’s a muslim village with most houses built on piles. Not really a tourist destination even though it’s in the guide books. Don’t expect much to see here. You can walk around the village and catch a few curious stares. It is basically a slum area, so don’t visit at night.

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