How we got here: Dakak resort picked us up from where we were staying in Dapitan. They will pick up from local airport/seaport.

Dakak is quite well known though it seems only people in nearby visayas and mindanao flock to it. The cove is beautiful with it’s white sand and picturesque sceneries. The resort itself is showing signs of age and some areas look a bit neglected. But there is quite an expanse of area to explore.

When booking, make sure to ask in detail about their packages which offers quite a significant reduction to their nightly rates (www.dakak.com.ph). Their staff are not very helpful when we booked direct, failing to inform us of our extra 4th night free (website description was quite confusing).

There are quite a few facilities on site – swimming pool, games area, sauna, jetskis, diving shop. But all comes at an extra cost. Food is quite good at the restaurant, costing around P200/per person per meal. Live entertainment – usually rondalla singers table hopping. But if you happen to be there when there’s a big group booked in, they have hawaiian dancers as well. But beware, you can hear the karaoke singers from the pool and the restaurant. We’ve been quite lucky, we only endured a night of this.

The accomodations itself is quite a disappointment. Our cottage was several steps up. Quite private with a veranda. Made of nipa and sawali walls. A lot of space with 2 double beds, a lounge area, dressing area, loo and shower. Bed is well made and clean (well not really, there was always fresh lizard droppings). there are cobwebs and dusty areas. Pack plenty of mosquito repellent. There are plenty of breeding grounds for mosquitoes here. Take their rule of not bringing in any food to heart. We were awoken at the middle of the night to our bags being savaged by rats(?) because we still have a few biscuits and pasalubongs in it (even thought they were well packed and our bags are tightly closed). Establishment blamed us for bringing in food when we are surrounded by nature. In the end, the resort refused to claim responsibility for the damages but still gave us a sizeable discount.

The honeymoon package came with free daily breakfast and a romantic dinner. Our ‘romantic’ dinner table was set up quite early in the day by the beach, a few steps down from the main restaurant, screened off by a few pitiful looking plants adorned with bouganvilla flowers. The meal itself was quite delicious, but we were laughing all the way through it, a bit embarassed with the setup.

Diving was good. There are a few diving sites around dakak good for divers of all levels. Discounts if you’re diving with 2 or more people. Was told they are quite used to handling experienced divers, but were quite patient with us (this is our first dives after getting our licences).

Funny we never got to swim at the beach. We spent our time in the pool (there are several, but almost everybody uses the one by the restaurant), walking by the beach at night, and diving. Be warned, there are jellyfish here. But the waters are always calm.

Also, there is a Rizal Shrine/free lunch included in the package. What we weren’t told is that the tour should only last 2 hours. And you would consume that time just for lunch. Any excess hours, you will be charged for.

4 thoughts on “Dakak

  1. Hi, we really liked your idea of just going island hopping, we might do the same in the future, who knows… We hope you can find some time to post some comments on the pictures themselves. Cheers, Eduardo & Vilma

  2. Hello Ed & Vi,
    i really have to start adding the comments soon lest i forget the details. will try to find the time.
    regards to everyone there. thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. May 30, 2008 was at Dakak beach resort, the “free” ride to the airport, ended at the bus station with a so called lost blackberry phone, so if people who lack honesty works thre, will warn all who wants to visit a den of thieves, beware!!!

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