How we got here: Via bus from Dipolog. Buses that ply these route are the small, non-aircon, rickety-looking ones. Not much space for your luggage though, so travel when it’s not very busy (late morning to early afternoons). 1.5 hour. no schedule. take tricycle from bus stop to hotel.

The prettiest town i’ve ever been to in the country. Preserved old houses, lovely walks by the beach (black sands), but you can walk around the town in half a day. The town prides itself in Rizal and his life here when he was in exile. The Rizal shrine is located a bit far off in the town outskirts but is worth seeing. Apparently, the place is being maintained by Rizalistas (those who worship Rizal as a God).

Gloria de Dapitan in Sunset Blvd. is the town’s newest entertainment area. Bowling, restaurants, fair rides, grocery, salon, shopping, cock fighting. Bus services to Dipolog (not sure where they pick up from Dipolog). Most restaurants opens only in the evenings and food choices are quite limited. If you’re not fed up with grilled meat and fish like we were, try dining by the beach in the evenings.

Villa Pilar Pension House. P700/room/night. (065) 2136579. Good location on Sunset Blvd. right in front of the beach and a few metres from Gloria de Dapitan. Rooms are clean but basic. with airconditioning and television. More expensive rooms available which are bigger and has veranda overlooking the garden. but they’re constructing a building next doors so should be plenty more rooms soon.

Dapitan City Resort Hotel. P1680/room/night. (065) 2136413. Probably the only hotel in town. Looks ok. Food is a bit expensive here compared to what you can get at other restaurants.

Other accomodations in the area. Bajamunde Farms Pension House. P600. (065) 2136564.

Kinilaw Ug Inihaw sa Fishpond. It’s in the outskirts of Dapitan and we only found out about this place because it was included in the Dakak tour. Food is good. But it is quite an experience getting to the actual restaurant as you have to travel by a makeshift boat through the expansive fishpond.

Kamayan ni Manay. Sunset Blvd. Saturday lunch, they serve buffet of oysters, roasts and various seafood. Not a lot of choices, but well worth the money.

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