Merry Christmas!!



afternoon at the Borough Market

i have only recently heard of this place, London’s oldest food market and where Britain’s finest food producers sell their wares.

the place is absolutely a foodie’s delight. we were sampling cheese and drinking mulled wine. looking with glee at the lobsters trying to crawl away. didn’t realised that prawns that big were available here. surprised that the mountain of bread we’ve seen just a few minutes ago quickly disappeared as people rush to buy them. fighting our way through the crowds was worth it seeing the endless choices of quality food straight from the producers. did get a bit disappointed at not being able to get a lobster though, as all the ones we’ve seen were a bit too big for a 2-person dinner and were worth £27 (and wondering how i would have the heart to broil them live).

we went home some 40 quid poorer and with only a carrier bagful of goodies. as a sign there says, your body is a rolls royce, you don’t feed it with cheap stuff (or something like that)! (£5 for wedge of cheese, £10 for 6 pieces of scallops, no definitely not cheap!)

now if only i can afford to shop there every weekend, i will never be seen back at tesco’s.


this is our 8th year celebrating Christmas away from Manila. but i am far from getting used to it.

this year, not feeling quite at home in our rented flat, you wouldn’t know it’s almost Christmas. not a single tinsel in sight.

someday, Christmas will be a big celebration, like it used to be. both our families will come around, enjoying the food we’ve been slaving for all day. i’d notice my nephew grow taller each time i see him. wives and girlfriends and boyfriends in tow. gifts and carols. even the rowdy neighbourhood kids clanging their cans and singing off-key. misa de gallo, would you believe i’ve only experienced once? somehow, bibingka and puto bumbong never quite tasted as good as when you eat it for breakfast after the early morning mass. chocolates and chestnuts. mom’s chiffon cakes. the kids queuing for their crisp dollars and hundred peso bills (except that i’m not the one queuing this time).

maybe it will never be as great as i think of in my head. but Christmas is never the same when you have no place that you had to be that day. no holidays with friends can ever fill that gap.