on religion

i’ve always been the questioning type as far as i can remember. and i have my share of doubts. i have read countless books. asked so many people. and have met a lot of indifference, annoyance and ridicule just because i posed a question.

i have joined a number of religious groups. i don’t even remember who gave me the reply that i needed – “sometimes, it’s only your faith that can give you the answers you’re looking for”.

one day, years from now, i hope to stumble on this blog again and look back on what i believe in now and see if i have grown, or if i have changed…

i don’t believe there is one religion that is perfect. i respect that every person should believe in what his heart tells him to believe in. even if leads him to atheism or agnosticism. not one is superior. we’re all equals.

i believe in God. an all-knowing and omnipotent, but loving God. i believe he lets us be and learn from our own choices. i believe, no matter what circumstances life throws at us, if we make our choices with the best intentions at heart, everything will fall into place. i am a catholic, a Christian, who don’t believe in such a thing as the bible truth. i don’t follow my religion blindly. i question, but now, i find my own answers, in my heart.

i haven’t been more at peace.



not quite venice. but i love wandering aimlessly through the streets. and downing moules and frittes, belgian beer, waffles, and of course, chocolates. 

2 hours via eurostar at the new St. Pancras station. dinner at Poules Moules. stay at 4* NH Brugge. chocolates at any out of the way shops, or the greek looking leonidas. stroll along the canals. warm early night. no rain, a rarity in bruges. late mornings.  

no souvenirs, a few snaps, a lifetime in memory. this is what weekends should be.





several months on…

i know i have neglected this blog for months now. but i still bloghop though i haven’t been leaving notes.

we have moved home to Stratford, and will stay for a while. i still haven’t been able to catch up with a number of people. still at the same job. but a lot of things occupying my time.

something more blogworthy next time…