on religion

i’ve always been the questioning type as far as i can remember. and i have my share of doubts. i have read countless books. asked so many people. and have met a lot of indifference, annoyance and ridicule just because i posed a question.

i have joined a number of religious groups. i don’t even remember who gave me the reply that i needed – “sometimes, it’s only your faith that can give you the answers you’re looking for”.

one day, years from now, i hope to stumble on this blog again and look back on what i believe in now and see if i have grown, or if i have changed…

i don’t believe there is one religion that is perfect. i respect that every person should believe in what his heart tells him to believe in. even if leads him to atheism or agnosticism. not one is superior. we’re all equals.

i believe in God. an all-knowing and omnipotent, but loving God. i believe he lets us be and learn from our own choices. i believe, no matter what circumstances life throws at us, if we make our choices with the best intentions at heart, everything will fall into place. i am a catholic, a Christian, who don’t believe in such a thing as the bible truth. i don’t follow my religion blindly. i question, but now, i find my own answers, in my heart.

i haven’t been more at peace.


4 thoughts on “on religion

  1. Ahhh… the thinking Christian! 😉 God is not just in the text – He is alive and like that truth you uncovered, stays in the heart! Good to see you back!

  2. thanks Weng! i’ve visited your blog kahit na on blogging hiatus ako. kaso madalas nagugutom lang ako sa foodie pics mo e. he he he.

  3. hi, bloghopping n@wie here 🙂

    you’re right–no religion is perfect. for me tho, the bottomline isn’t about religion. in the end, it is your relationship with god that matters. if you reduce that to a religion, it just becomes some ritual, some tradition. just like a relationship with your husband, your friends, your family, a relationship with god is never static.

    just my thoughts 🙂

  4. Hi Ree, that is so true and a different way of seeing it. it’s just between you and your god. and it is a relationship, much like human relationships nga naman. thanks!

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