my personal style

call me a late bloomer. but up to now, i have never found my own personal style when it comes to dressing up. i know what’s me and what’s not. i know what i wouldn’t be caught dead in. i know the colours that doesn’t work for me.

maybe it’s just because i was never interested in fashion. or maybe fashion was just never interested in me 🙂 but like all girly-girls, i wanted to look good, or at least be presentable. i will be the first one to admit that i don’t carry a dress well. but there is still that longing everytime i buy something new – i wanted to be stylish.

i know it’s all in being confident. but how do you get confident when you know you don’t look the part? it has to start from somewhere.

wala lang. today i spent a good part of my time in oxford street (i got an extra day off today). in and out of the high street shops. trying this and that. and came home with a white blouse, a pair of earrings, and a necklace (at lahat on sale). yun lang. i just want to shop without needing to shop. just find clothes that i reallly liked without feeling pressured to get anything just because i haven’t got anything more to wear. and i guess this is how i should rebuild my wardrobe. slowly but surely. find my own style a single item at a time. without asking for anybody else’s opinion so i don’t get influenced.

i’m not brand conscious in any way. i’ll buy if i like it enough and i can justify the price in my head. i don’t get the fascination with manolo blahniks and LVs. sure, i browse through the jimmy choos collection and if only that neverfull bag doesn’t cost my whole arm and leg. pero i don’t think i can ever fall in love with a shoe or a bag enough to spend more than £200 on one. hmmm…ibili ko na lang kaya ng ticket to italy, and i would have enjoyed a lifetime of memories…or go to greenhills and get a copy (bad).

on a side note…i don’t understand what’s going on in the Gap shops here. i loved their jeans. and after years of having not bought a new one, i went there. it says 26 in. waistline, i tried it on and it was falling to my knees, baka 30in yun. where did the american size 0s and 1s go? hmmp. trying to please the british women, revamping the sizes so the size 12s are now size 10s. pano na ako and the other petite asian women who flocked their shops?


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