the perfect getaway

a bit frustrated that i can’t seem to find the right kind of getaway for the bank holiday next month.

on the brink of booking to go to rome, i keep getting turned off by the bad hotel reviews and that the flights available lands close to midnight. and that in a small-ish city like rome, it’s bound to get really busy and i don’t want to be spending the holiday fighting my way through crowds.

so we decided to stay in the country. and isle of wight is quite near and takes the stress away from set times to leave and trying to catch a flight.

but what i really hate about local holidays is that

(1) you’re at the mercy of the british weather

(2) booking a month in advance for a bank holiday does not guarantee you’ll get into the hotel you wanted. as it is, i booked a hotel last night. got a call this morning that there must have been a glitch in their system and that the deal i booked should not have been valid on a bank holiday weekend. so either i re-schedule, or pay the difference which is twice the amount. i cancelled. i ran a search this morning for other hotels, i found none available.

(3) hotels in this country don’t know what tasteful decor means. either you get the beige walls and white sheets in business/travel hotels or the flowery wallpapers and equally flowery sheets in the rest. boutique hotels are a new thing. there are only a few around. and they cost an arm and a leg. (i’m lying a bit. i have been to nicely decorated bed and breakfasts further out. i just can’t get over the decor in the hotel rooms i’m viewing over the net in the isle of wight at the moment).

(4) if you’re booking on a bank holiday, and not taking 3 nights, chances are you’ll get bumped or won’t be able to book (i think this is the reason why i got that call). as rooms are in demand and if they stick with you, they’ll lose a night.

(5) it’s expensive. we’re most likely to be spending the same amount if we were to go to rome.

so good luck to us.


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