the best coffee in town

if you ever find yourself wandering through the streets of Soho in London and are in need of a coffee, forget the countless coffee chains lining up the street.

i had the best tasting cappucino in the monmouth coffee co. in 27 monmouth street in the middle of soho, near Neal’s yard in covent garden. strong coffee always tastes a little bit sour everywhere i go. but it wasn’t here. i think they also have a branch in the borough market as well.

just be prepared to take it away or wait for a bit to get a place to sit down. it’s a tiny shop. not really worthwhile to sit down and talk as you have to share your ‘cubicle’ with other people or feel guilty for taking too long as there are people already queuing for the some 13 seats available.

shame as i was already too full to taste the yummy looking pastries and truffles on offer.

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