if you haven’t heard it before, it’s a term coined for “charity muggers”. you would go around them, trying not to make eye contact lest you be guilt-tripped to part with your coffee money. you avoid them like the plague, the same way you avoid the cable and credit card sales people. all because you can’t be bothered and don’t want to be rude. 

they are usually quite bold nowadays. gone are those times that they stand quietly in a corner with a bucket of coins. they would chat you up. profile you the same way salesmen do. and they don’t want just a drop in the bucket – they want a monthly standing order on your account.

it’s the charities’ biggest money earner. i just think it’s sad that the primary reason why people give money to charities nowadays is to get the chuggers off their back. it’s no longer because their cause touched your heart. giving is supposed to make you feel good. and giving in to chuggers just produces the opposite effect. 

i had been effectively evading them. until this afternoon, this woman just materialised in front of me. i’ve just been shopping. and she spied my carrier bag. ‘ooh how healthy!’, she cooed as i’ve got my fruits piled on the top. ‘and i see you brought your own carrier bag as well’, she carried on. she was asking me to part with £10 a month. and i said i will think about it. she needs me to say yes then and there, which i can’t. you can’t just support a charity willy-nilly. i bade her goodbye and good luck. she just puts on her frown and did not even thanked me for stopping for her. not that i expected her to.

i admire them for their persistence. all for a cause. but then again, most of them are hired to just sell. they probably don’t even give to the charity they’re working for. call me old-fashioned. but i think they just took the heart out of giving.


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