and this is coming in the post…

The Infinite Circulon range. pero just the sauce and covered saute pan lang. someday na yung iba, or another brand kasi this ones only go as large as 24cm. i hope this one lasts longer than the cheapo Argos ones (I was cooking sago and burnt it, when I cleaned it, the nonstick coating came off) and not as hard to clean as the IKEA-stuff (the stainless is so stained na).

Pero, I wish I could buy the Le Creuset ones. Or proper cast iron ones. Pero they’re just so heavy. I don’t think I will enjoy cooking in those. And with electric hob pa, it will be a pain to heat up. Justification lang, kasi I really can’t afford them. he he.

2 thoughts on “and this is coming in the post…

  1. Hi cousin, we have the same wish of owning Le Creuset one day, they are really expensive, I guess anywhere you go, but you see sometimes it is tempting to buy from Amazon …. but practically speaking I don’t think I need them yet, I still have my old pan where I could cook as much as anything. Nice blogsite you have here.

  2. Hi Julie, i just can’t justify buying a le creuset. not when there are really good ones at more than half the price. glad you found your way here. hope your family’s doing fine. i’m currently viewing pics from tita auring’s birthday sent by ed.

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