i can still remember scouring the toy shops trying to find a gift when she was born.

i can hardly remember what i bought her then or how she had looked like. i could remember thinking she could be mistaken as my daughter, with some 20 years between us. i remember her father being almost ecstatic to have finally had a daughter after all those years.

it’s just so surprising that she’s entering her tweens now. and is almost a young lady. with a pretty face and a suite of admirers to boot.

i don’t even know if she had found her way to this blog. but in case she ever did, this is my wish for her…

i had always wished i could be your big sister that you never had (and you the sister i never had). but being so far away, i can only pray for you and hear about you from afar.

i wish you a future your brother and i can only dream about.

i wish you happiness. but not to spare you from life’s heartaches because that is life’s way of teaching you.

i wish you to learn. that academics are just tools. and that wisdom doesn’t always come with age. learn from what your elders tell you. but listen more intently with your heart. decipher the hidden truths.

i wish you to find your own definition of life and your purpose. and never let fear stop you from living it.

i wish you will never be afraid to speak your mind. even if others rebuke you.

know that experience is your best teacher. let it shape your mind. but never forget to shape your soul.

you will falter. and you will make mistakes. and though it will probably break our hearts more, i cannot wish otherwise.

i wish you to never forget, many people love you. and your brother and i…we’re just an email away.

happy birthday.

One thought on “cashmere

  1. wahh.,im sOo shocked when i’ve seen mah picture so flattered.hehe.
    laki n ng pinagbgo ko dyan sa pix n yan.,im more cuter now..hehe.juz kiddin’..but seriously tumaba n q and long hair n q ngaun..=)

    wish u ol da best ..
    take care..

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