wishlist: pebble rug

this is actually a rug!

ecological rugs from Norway. local stockists at Eco Age


wishlist: wall decals & mirrors

maybe because paintings are a bit too overrated and finding the right one can be too hard sometimes, i think i’ll consider wall stickers to make that wall not look too empty.

good ones here:
dawanda cherry blossoms
Vunk Bird song
Vunk Autumn Tree
Supernice Blik Wall Graphics

and this stick on mirrors look really interesting. though i’m filing this just because they look nice. i think they won’t just suit anywhere:

ham and cheese muffins

i recently tried this ham and cheese muffin recipe.

only that i made them full-sized. didn’t have ham in the fridge and feeling too poorly to go out, i made do with 6 pieces of italian pancetta and grated cheddar cheese. i ditched the mustard and the sage leaves (coz i don’t have them and don’t like them). and didn’t add any salt (salty na yung bacon and cheese ha, di pa ba enough yun?). felt the mix was way too dry, so i just keep adding milk until i’m happy with the consistency. baked for 20 mins.

good. slightly crunchy top. i didn’t put the leftovers in the fridge. heated them for a few minutes in the oven the next day. and they still taste as good. but i was expecting to be reminded of hotdog and cheese waffles (which i can’t make as i don’t have a waffler). and they’re quite different. still not happy with the texture though. the muffins were soft and spongy, but i keep getting that slight dryness on the tongue as i eat them.

wishlist: coat rack

i think this is one that will forever be in my wishlist. for one, i don’t think we’ll have the space for this. no, it’s not that it’s big, but coat racks usually sits in the hallways where space is a premium, so wall mounted ones will have to do. Another reason is that I don’t think it’s available here. And even if it is, i doubt that i can afford it (or would be willing to spend much for a coat hanger).

but i’ll file this, just because it’s so pretty. maybe i can have one made by a craftsman in manila…

(got the pics from the designboner)

wishlist: colour scheme

i love the calming effects of blue and gray and white. ideal for the bedrooms. (credits: i filed this photo not remembering where i copied it from). but maybe i’ll stick to crisp white linens and gray throws/bedspreads.