wishlist: wall decals & mirrors

maybe because paintings are a bit too overrated and finding the right one can be too hard sometimes, i think i’ll consider wall stickers to make that wall not look too empty.

good ones here:
dawanda cherry blossoms
Vunk Bird song
Vunk Autumn Tree
Supernice Blik Wall Graphics

and this stick on mirrors look really interesting. though i’m filing this just because they look nice. i think they won’t just suit anywhere:


3 thoughts on “wishlist: wall decals & mirrors

  1. hey! 😉 i swear, we probably both have the same wavelength on this! i’ve been scouring the wall decals in our local stores here in alberta but i’ve not been successful!!!! i wanted one and thanks to your links i will click on those and see if they have the designs i want! 😉 and, love the gray and blue scheme too!!! take care now…

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