i’m not what you would call a nice person

don’t you ever think that?

like there are specific people you don’t to get ahead in life. you cringe at the thought that they’re actually fulfilling what they’ve set out to do. where even though you don’t want the same things for yourself, you would rather grab it and go just to make sure they don’t get their minging hands on it.

maybe it’s just that people like them, with their twisted beliefs, aren’t the ones who i would like to see succeeding. 

but life is like that.


art installation at the Tate:30 pieces of silver

every art conveys an emotion. and this, in spite of the title suggesting betrayal, is very soothing to look at. i can stare at  it all day. the strings looked like gently pouring rain. and the flattened silver – things discarded, found a new life as art. 

30 pieces of silver by Cornelia Parker. images swiped from the Tate website and from flickr (hmmm, i thought you cannot take pictures there!).

30 pieces of silver

30 pieces of silver

30 pieces of silver

30 pieces of silver

wish there was something like Tate in Manila that provides space for both history and future.