so true…

I was bloghopping. and i found this, said by a young filipina
Aside from being immersed in different cultures, reliving history, enjoying art and food…the best thing traveling has taught me is HUMILITY. You realize that you are but a small entity in this big,big universe. Ang tendency kasi kapag dito ka lang sa Pilipinas, you become complacent. You know your environment so well, you feel you can go through life blindfolded. you stop asking questions, you stop trying new things, you stick to the cycle. But when you’re in a new place, every person is a stranger and everyday is a new adventure. Travel is the best life teacher.

if only i can be as well-traveled. and if only i had said these words when i was her age.

but not being as young, we cannot just blow all our money on travel. but, mind you, i am willing :). at our age, there are mortgages to pay. and money to send back to home. and knowing that you are quite on your own in a foreign land, with not so much as a family in the same country continent to run back to if your finances go awry. and the worries that you have family depending on you…all excuses not to have a life.

…so where to go next?


One thought on “so true…

  1. ahhh…sentiments i echo for sure! from the young filipinas reflection on travelling and your thoughts about realities on living abroad – mortgages and helping out! 🙂 great entry, girl! 🙂

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