gone camping

first time camping. we’ve gone with friends to Seven Sisters country park in Sussex downs.

the weather cooperated even though the forecast was rain for saturday morning and all day sunday.


we had a great time. even though i’m still achy several days after. we’ve taken great care in purchasing the right equipment so we can travel light. so we’ve spent a bit more than we should. only to find our friends with lighter packs than us and spent only £50. hmmm.

there’s only a few places in England that I thought are really beautiful. and this is one of them. the seas have their way of de-stressing you. even though seeing the crashing waves from afar did make my stomach do somersaults (reminds me too much of diving).



and the campsite was not exactly basic. it was fenced (so you don’t wake up with cow and sheep dungs on your doorsteps). right next to a barn. with 3 toilets (that were cleaned 2x a day). tiled cooking area (though i had hoped for a roaring campfire and cooking next to the tents). and picnic tables and benches.

it had been pouring rain all night. woke me up several times. but cleared up in the mornings.

we cooked our dinners (rice, tomatoes, vege salad and longganisa!). and walked 1mile to the pub and back for drinks.

cooked breakfast. we were exhausting all our supplies and ended up with a mini-feast of omelette, rice, spam, tomatoes, beans. packed our bags for like 2 hours. and headed to beachy head for more walks and cliffside views and lunch at the pub.


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