Llandudno and Conwy, Wales

not really our first time here. and i am really trying to not start going back back to places we’ve been. (still too much of the world to see!)

but we’ve only had a fleeting time here the last time. and remembered loving it. needing a quick getaway and llandudno being a quick(?) 3 hours away by train, we can spend 2 nights here and have a really lazy weekend.

we’ve booked in family-run Waverley Hotel, which promised a sweeping view of the llandudno bay. booking is no problem even though they don’t accept credit cards (reserve online and sent £60 cheque booking fee by post).

we got there before 10pm on friday night. and were promptly shown our rooms. with huge sash windows overlooking the bay, the views did not disappoint.

i was trying to look past the chintzy decor as the room was immaculately clean. but i do find it harder to relax in ‘cluttered’ space. There is an oversized wardrobe as you enter (not huge, just too big for the room). a side table, a double bed, another side table, a single bed. 2 rattan chairs, a small table holding the LCD television with DVD player, a dresser, just a bit too many furnitures. The bathroom was quite small, the loo sitting side by side with the bath with shower. and a tiny washbasin.

ideally, we’d want to sit on the chairs with a table facing the windows. getting rid of that single bed would have made all the difference to the room. that single bed sits directly in front of the window, but you would incur an additional £5 a night if you use it as well as the double bed.

not that we didn’t enjoy the room. we’ve stayed in as much as we can, just because we wanted a really lazy day. we got takeaways, drank wine whilst enjoying the view. it was comfortable.

but note to self: maybe we should try the slightly more modern looking belle vue hotel next door.

saturday was spent on leisurely walks along the promenade taking in the sea air and sunshine. conversations on life and elderly-people watching (this place looks like a retirement place).

if you have a restaurant you wanted to try, note that most restaurants are not open for lunch except on sundays. and you would most likely need to book for a saturday night. hence we ended up in a pub with hamburger and chips for lunch. and takeway from the italian restaurant we wanted to try for the evening. missed out on the seahorse restaurant (and sampling the wealth of seafood from this part of wales) as they were fully booked.

checkout was at 10am on sunday. and we’ve boarded the Arriva bus Route 1 from the bus stop in front the Palladium (as suggested by the helpful owners of Waverley Hotel). £7 for an all day ticket which takes you from the promenade through the scenic marine drive to the great orme to deganwy and conwy. didn’t manage to get photos of the cashmere mountain goats that roams the great orme.

We decided to get off at Conwy for the Conwy castle, and get coffee and lunch before heading back to Llandudno Junction for the trains back to london.

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