waiting for godot

[image swiped from the Theatre Royal Haymarket site]

i love the theatre. or at least i thought i love theatre.

this one is billed by top hollywood actors ian mckellen(LOTR) and patrick stewart(X-Men, Star Trek). i can say the acting was brilliant. the script was good, funny even.

but i like theatre which is meant to really entertain – the singing and dancing type, lots of colours and lots of characters, the frantic crews changing sceneries, a live orchestra. and this isn’t that.

it doesn’t help that we were seated in the stalls in The Theatre Royal Haymarket. the lady in front, who isn’t really that much taller than me is almost completely blocking my view. it didn’t help that she couldn’t see much either and was constantly moving side to side. and i had to keep up if i were to see anything.

tried really hard to stay awake. if only to justify how much the tickets were.