sometimes giving does more harm

it’s Christmas, and it is a season for giving. but even though it breaks your heart to see people in need, please make sure that the money you give

  • will not be used for drugs, alcohol and other vices
  • will go directly to the needs of the recipient instead of syndicates who use these people to tug at your hearts (give food to street kids instead or donate to the charities that houses street kids)
  • will not promote a culture of dependency

it’s become a tradition in manila. postmen, garbage collectors, teachers, water and electricity bill collectors feel they’re within their rights to collect money gifts from those they provide services to.

I WISH THE COMPANIES THESE PEOPLE WORK FOR ACTUALLY TRY TO PUT A STOP TO THIS. As that portrays an image that they don’t pay their people enough to live decently.

it’s not that they’re volunteers. they are paid to do their jobs. granted the salaries are quite low. but who doesn’t feel they don’t have enough? everybody feels the pinch, especially these days, but not everyone would go to the streets and ask for donation to augment their incomes (though that’s done here in the UK, too).

i guess what i hate more is that a lot of people feel obliged to give. if you have something extra, then give. but when there are times that you can pool resources so you can give to a family in need, i had hoped that that will become a priority. after all, charity begins at home.

sometimes i feel that it’s all part of keeping up appearances. for fear that you will be labelled kuripot. or that saying no, or handing over an empty envelope will tell other people that you’re not as well off as they thought you were.

i don’t believe in handouts to salaried people. not whilst there are more people who needs them more. not when a family member needs it too.

truth is, nobody is stopping you to give. it’s Christmas time after all. but i’d rather not give myself. or course the money i give to people who would rather depend on others than do something to improve their situations.

if you see things the way i do, and you get an envelope from your bill collector, please let their companies know how you feel (without naming names, of course).

NAWASA. what, walang website ang NAWASA? shame on you.
Valenzuela local government.

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