Iceland: Day 5

Reykjavik City Hall

late breakfast. no plans really for today. temperature will remain below 0 as it has been the previous days. at least we’re remaining in the city today and the high winds should not be that bad.

we went out looking at outdoor shops to see if we can find good gloves and ski masks as there are not a lot of choices in London. most shops open between 10 and 11am on a Sunday so we had to wait a bit.

got our gloves and a scarf/mask thing and went back to the hotel to check out.

we had lunch at Kaffitar at Bankaestrati. light lunch of quiche and salad + coffee for me. the husband had a focaccia and coffee. after lunch, we headed for the tourist shop next door. didn’t really find anything there.

souvenirs we’re bringing home are 2 books – one about icelandic folklores and another one about the Viking sagas. i really wanted some Christmas decors as they had pretty stuff here. but we’re only carrying a backpack each and i’m not sure if those metal decors i liked would be considered as dangerous weapons.

The City Hall on Lake Tjornin

walked to the city hall by the frozen lake. some areas of the lake are kept heated so not all would freeze over because there are a number of swans, ducks and geese who stay in this lake over winter.

Lake Tjornin

proceeded to the bus terminal to get bus back to Keflavik airport.

uneventful flight back. though i was finally able to watch a movie after realising the husband brought his earphones (icelandair sells earphones if you want to watch a movie).

it had been a good holiday. al thought we haven’t sampled real icelandic dishes. i could only remember 1 dish he enjoyed – the simple lamb soup at a cafe in Gulfoss. we’ve tried restaurants in the areas popular with the locals, we’ve tried cafes and the fish shack in saegrafinn, so we’ve tried a varied lot already. though one of our guide told us a lot of their dishes are quite disgusting (read: made with entrails and animal parts we don’t usually eat). i haven’t found any of those in any menu. maybe we need to get out of the city by ourselves to get the real deal.


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