on having maids

thoughts on Weng‘s post…

i didn’t grew up with maids. so i think i might have my biases here.

i remember a friend telling me she likes her handkerchiefs folded a certain way. and various people being proud about their anal tendencies of making sure that the top of the lighswitches are dust free. or reading somewhere how they find it icky to reuse a glass that have been used up for another drink.

they won’t be as anal if they do these things themselves. i can live with a bit of dust. or unwashed dishes in the sink. i swish hot water in my mug and reuse for another drink. my handkerchiefs are not even ironed. i don’t have someone at my beck and call, cleaning up after me.

and even though being a maid is an honest wayof earning money,  i find it a demeaning job. and don’t want to inflict that on anyone.

many say they treat them as part of the family…i wonder if they buy them the same things, same food, do they eat the same things – in the house or when they’re eating out, are their christmas gifts the same value as the ones they buy their children, do they have as much personal space at home as you. when you pay them, you exact loyalty and you expect them to do a job, you gloat at having them add to your growing list of expense of eating out and other forms of entertainment.

i’d rather they be treated as employees – working for only 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with SSS. able adults (not pre-teen ones who should not even be allowed to work). but most of all, allowed their own lives, away from their employer’s prying eyes and judgmental ways (how many of us have a tendency to think we’re better than our maids?).


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