18-22 June 2010

Athens was glorious. But I can’t get over how I became such a weakling melting in the heat. I still regret not buying leather sandals there. But, then again, I hardly buy anything on holiday. I had a bit too much souvlaki. Wish we didn’t have to spend a night at Piraeus, seriously, nothing to see there. But the boat to Santorini leaves from there early in the morning.

Santorini was beautiful (rumour has it that it is part of Atlantis because of it’s circular shape). but I did not appreciate the 6 hour trip to get there by boat. And I have to keep telling myself that where you stay affects your holiday. the place where we stayed was actually ok, it was just too far (30 mins walk, Euro8 taxi, or Euro1/person lift from the villa owner if and when you can find him). but santorini would have been more magical if the caldera (santorini is a semi-circular shaped island, and the villages face this big volcano in the middle) is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. I had my fill of the famous Oia sunsets, bitty greek coffee, iced teas/coffees and Euro8 orange juices (i was trying to see if  it had gold dust!). my shoes, too, had their fill of donkey dung. and following our friends’ advice, we did not ride a one.

more pictures here.

IMG_0813Plaka, Athens

IMG_1112breakfast in Santorini, overlooking the caldera (that’s a huge omelette, not pizza)

IMG_1020ok, this isn’t a great shot, but still a magical sunset with it’s peachy hues. people flock to the corner of the island to witness it every night

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