unwelcome expense

the hubby’s laptop decides to break down last Sunday. and we think there is no reviving it this time. the black screen is surely worse than the blue screen. forums point out to a motherboard issue, which just means it’s as good as dead. which also means my laptop is likely to follow suit anytime soon.

rant. i hate that major manufacturers now do not ship Windows 7 in a separate disc. i rang the HP customer support to ask if I can get one when I order, and was promptly told they don’t do that. i always repartition my drives so i have my files separate from the OS….well until HP (and other manufacturers) decided that you cannot do that anymore because you delete the D partition, you delete your only copy of Windows. and no, the recovery discs are not the same as a Windows installer.

and why are there so limited options of touchscreen laptops? i thought that’s what windows 7 is about?

and the HP website is such a pain to use. links don’t work. products are not available to buy from them directly. you get different lists depending on how you did your search.

well at least it’s Windows 7 and I can finally move on from Vista.

…but everything is made from China. so good luck to us.

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