i read the news on pakistan, appalled at the support the murderer is getting.

i pity not the governor who was killed. not even the bodyguard who assassinated Salman Taseer. they made their choices. Governor Taseer, who wanted to do what he believed is right. the bodyguard who believed he needs to kill to defend his faith.

i pity those who were swept away with the hysteria, those who did not even made a choice. revelling in the death of someone who did not share their beliefs. Falsely believing that they need to believe in the exact same things as everybody else, instead of believing out of faith.

these days when we thought humanity has somehow exorcised the horrors of the holocaust in them, that same level of inhumanity still keeps happening. in another form, in another guise.

i don’t believe all muslims are extremists. but news like these, since 9-11 and July 7, further enhances the image that they are out for blood and they will remain intolerant of other people’s beliefs. News like these, the muslim clerics in this country who knows better should jump on and publicly denounce. But I have not heard a peep.

i read further of gangs of Pakistani men in the UK who sees white women as easy meat. Who thinks that violating white women is not the same as violating muslim women. beliefs like that, that people different from us are sub-human is exactly what Hitler was. muslims and christians alike preach of dying for their faith. they both preach of how they are saved from hell’s fires and how others do not belong in God’s kingdom. and that we should live for the next world and ignore this world and the people in it. how can religion teach tolerance and humanity with these views?