When you have the choice between doing the scary thing or the safe thing, always do the scary thing.



i don’t believe in a world where everything becomes affordable. where it’s cheaper to buy new than mend the broken one you own. we’re not meant to have everything we can think of.

that allows you to dream and aspire and take on an ambition. because when you work hard, and it took you time to get there, you’d probably figure out you have different needs. and hopefully, not so many wants.

on made in china…

i try really hard to avoid made in china products. i fear the day when most countries would have to rely on china for all their manufacturing needs. i fear the day when china realises they have the world’s economy at their feet. the modern sweatshops – young workers who live and work in one place – not able to dream, trapped in a monotony of uncreative work for little wages – i fear the kind of adults they’ll become.

i hope other people realise that where they spend their money on is a vote towards the kind of future their own country will have. that when you choose the cheaper made in china ones over a locally-made one, you’re not exactly being savvy about your money, you’re voting to let manufacturing die in your country. and it is not the big corporations that suffer – but the local family-run businesses just dies, the local unemployment soars. and the less people have in their pockets, the less money goes around.

and it is getting harder. buying clothes, it can get tiring looking at the labels when all you see is it’s made from one place. and when clothing companies decides to do away with labelling where their products come from, you just feel they want to hide it.