Cusco region, Peru

Day 1.
Plane had to disembark an ill passenger costing us 2 hours of delay. Long queues in immigration and no help from any staff meant we’ll be even more late in Miami. Going on the next flight meant we will be no-show at our hotel in Lima.
Airport staff in Miami were surly. Air staff from BA told us to find ground staff to help with our connections. But AA ground staff were non existent. Express lines in immigration were not moving fast at all. Announcements blared that federal budget cuts caused this chaos. Pathetic.
Expected to spend 8 hours layover in a comfortable hotel in Lima, but we got 7 hours of queuing and bad food and hard chairs in Miami.
Flight to Lima was annoying and amusing -flight was full and everyone had the maximum luggage allowance that it was some sort of miracle the staff found space for it all and managed to leave on time.

Day 2.
The dominoes keep tumbling down. In Lima, we have 1h 45min to get to the next connection – but retrieving luggage + going to customs + actual check in (online check in was not available) meant we missed that connection too. Got lucky that there were still seats on the next flight. We were in Cusco 1 hour later than planned. And dead tired after 26 hours changing flights.
But the Lan Peru flight to Cusco was so much better than that AA to Lima flight.
Hotel staff who picked us up were not really from the hotel but travel agents hoping to sell us tours. Good thing they weren’t hard selling.
Tambo del Arriero hotel is really lovely – a restored mansion, lovely courtyards. Wi-fi (pronounced wee fee) does not seem to work and staff don’t know why.
Altitude sickness. Noticed that I was catching my breath just by going up the stairs to 1st floor.
Slept most of the afternoon and only went out for dinner at the main plaza. Peruvian cuisine is really good.

Tambo del Arriero hotel
Coca tea (leaves from the coca plant where coccaine is derived from)
Plaza de Armas, Cusco

Day 3.
Woke up with a headache. And it didn’t go away for the rest of the day. We were told to take it easy with no big meals at night.
Went to the inka museum, a short walk from the main plaza, but a steep climb up. I feel like an 80 year old catching my breath after every few steps. The inka museum is the very definition of a tourist trap. 10 soles to get in, a few rooms with potteries and ancient tools, they didn’t even bother with translations on the rooms on the 1st floor. Musicians greet you and ask for donations, the weavers were selling bags and scarves. Intricate carvings on gourd and various trinkets were for sale on the 1st floor. It was half craft market, half museum, and i went away not learning anything.

Weavers at inka museum

On the wayto way to inka museum

2 thoughts on “Cusco region, Peru

  1. Woaaah. Llama!! Cute. Alam ko yung mga patay na baby alpacas ginagawa nilang decoration eh. Or llama yun? Not sure. Haha. Sa french, wee fee din. Haha.katuwa kasi ganun ko talaga siya sabihin.

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