Canterbury and Chilham, Kent

31 January – 2 February, 2015.

Hired a car. fumbled with the all-electronic controls and no touch GPS screen. Europcar’s free upgrade is not so free at all!

Early Saturday morning drive to Canterbury. I am still amazed with old churches. Lunch at the Old Weaver’s Restaurant and was toasty near the electric fireplace. This place would probably come alive in summer with all the river punters.

Easily found the cottage in Chilham. And was in time for snow shower as we moved our stuff from the car. Such a picture perfect village!

Dinner at the nearby pub, White Horse Inn. Quite busy on a saturday night. Tried to wait for the music to start, but were already exhausted. We had a bit of fun starting the fire back at the house.It was a freezing night and the small logs supplied were only enough to make a relatively small fire, not really as toasty as we’d like. Slept in front of the fireplace. We are now convinced we need at least a stove if not an open fireplace in our home.

Next day, tried the tea rooms walked around the village and ogled at the beautiful old homes, drove to Ashford in search of a cash machine. Drove back to Chilham in search of better firewood, but found the shop closed. Dinner at the Woolpack Inn with it’s larger inglenook fireplace. It was a peaceful walk back to the cottage.

Another chilly night to spend in front of the fire. Bliss, if only for a short while.

Orion's cottage