9-28 October 2015

Roughly 7 days in Manila. Arrived more than an hour late to my mom’s surprise dinner party in Quezon City. A few hours trying to get a taxi at the airport, settling in at the rented airbnb place in Makati, and a few more hours sitting in traffic to get there was worth it.

1 day in Batangas to see a bee farm. Learned a lot there, and a model for what you can do with just 1 hectare of land.

5 days in Tablas. Trekking up hills to see the farms. Homecooked food and hospitality at a friend’s home. Lengthy tricycle rides and catching fish by hand. I was ready to excuse myself from travelling to Romblon island because of the choppy waters, but the weather made it impossible to travel.

2 days in Davao. More farms. More treks up hill. Fresh, organic fruits.

5 more days in Manila. To shop, to rest, to see the doctors for health checkups, to see more of the family. Fort Bonifacio is not a very convenient place as I thought it would be.

A whirlwind of activities. Never enough time.