Another non-Christmas

24-28 December 2015


A few nights staying in at a hotel near Colchester. Early check in and a non-impressive lunch, we asked to move rooms as the first room had a great view of the gas tanks, refuse bins, and delivery lorries.

We moved to The Village, detached from the main building of the hotel, but had good views of the greens. Slightly more dated rooms and colder, but we have a mild weather the next few days.

We continued to be underwhelmed by the hotel food and just spent the days reading and watching telly. Christmas day, we stayed in and had pizza via room service. Neighbours were a big family, occupying 3 or so rooms nearby. They kept us awake everytime they come in at midnight with the noise in the hallway and for more than a few hours on boxing day when they had a family meltdown complete with the police being called.