New Forest

picked up the rented car. and drove ourselves at The Crown Manor House Hotel in Lyndhurst. too many roadworks, that it took us almost 4 hours to get there. Hotel was lovely. they have this old lift where 2 of us with luggages barely fit. nice areas to lounge and have tea (or cocktails and wine if only I could). good food and great service. they gave us a room at the 3rd floor with views of the roof 😦 but never mind, we had a comfortable stay.

saturday. stayed in for the rest of the day.

sunday. funny that the first thing we have to do these days is to check out the nearest hospital (I’m not allowed to fly and need to be near a big hospital). walked for a bit in the deer park – where we saw wild horses and no deers. lunch in brockenhurst.

monday. went to Beaulieu. didn’t realise it was a theme park sort of place as I only wanted to see the palace and walk over to the michelin starred restaurant nearby. we ended up staying longer than expected, taking in the classic cars, the gardens and the palace. drove up to the Montagu Arms and lunch was already over. We were directed to Royal Oak, a pub up the hill. good place for lunch.

spring has just started and the forest are not as lush as they should be in the summer. lots of wild horses and goats roam these areas, and we took in plenty of scenery driving through the inner roads. good, short break, but i think we belong near the seaside if we wanted to really relax.