Hopefully, at my peak at 135lbs. Did not escape the dreaded stretch marks which appeared sometime at the start of the third trimester.

I can hardly walk nor waddle. Sometimes it feels like a part of me is splitting in half. Back strains from the weight. And with sleep comes oedema, tummy itch, hip pains, acid reflux, and numbness in legs and toes. Good thing I don’t wake up so easy with the constant kicks and somersaults.

It had been a relatively easy 2 trimesters, though. It’s these last 3 months that brought on most of the common symptoms. Been to hospital twice in February and I am still scared that a massive bleeding can still happen.

Not long to go before life as we know it will change. Excited, scared, and sometimes I feel alone that we have no family around us.


Tales of Peter Rabbit

never mind that there’s not a single baby furniture or clothing in the house, I’ve got this!


ham and cheese muffins

i recently tried this ham and cheese muffin recipe.

only that i made them full-sized. didn’t have ham in the fridge and feeling too poorly to go out, i made do with 6 pieces of italian pancetta and grated cheddar cheese. i ditched the mustard and the sage leaves (coz i don’t have them and don’t like them). and didn’t add any salt (salty na yung bacon and cheese ha, di pa ba enough yun?). felt the mix was way too dry, so i just keep adding milk until i’m happy with the consistency. baked for 20 mins.

good. slightly crunchy top. i didn’t put the leftovers in the fridge. heated them for a few minutes in the oven the next day. and they still taste as good. but i was expecting to be reminded of hotdog and cheese waffles (which i can’t make as i don’t have a waffler). and they’re quite different. still not happy with the texture though. the muffins were soft and spongy, but i keep getting that slight dryness on the tongue as i eat them.

and this is coming in the post…

The Infinite Circulon range. pero just the sauce and covered saute pan lang. someday na yung iba, or another brand kasi this ones only go as large as 24cm. i hope this one lasts longer than the cheapo Argos ones (I was cooking sago and burnt it, when I cleaned it, the nonstick coating came off) and not as hard to clean as the IKEA-stuff (the stainless is so stained na).

Pero, I wish I could buy the Le Creuset ones. Or proper cast iron ones. Pero they’re just so heavy. I don’t think I will enjoy cooking in those. And with electric hob pa, it will be a pain to heat up. Justification lang, kasi I really can’t afford them. he he.

finding the hidden domestic un-goddess

i’ve always loved desserts. And because I just can’t make do with the supermarket’s sickeningly sweet wares, or can’t afford to regularly buy the few good ones I’ve managed to find, I started to to bake. I’ve always watched my mom bake when I was a kid. and so i never really went through any disasters when i was learning to bake on my own.

It’s what I do on quiet, boring weekends when I used to live in Stevenage. But since I came back and settled in the not-so-homely-kitchens of rented flats in London, I lost the will really. That, and I have also sold all my bakeware when we moved out.

So I am starting from scratch again. And wanting to eat more healthily (not in term of calories, mind you, just less sugar and preservatives from the store bought ones), I wanted to go back into baking again. And start replenishing my bakeware. Hopefully, with better ones this time.

I have bought a silicon Antony Worrall Thompson 6-muffin pan. I was a bit apprehensive putting a plastic in an oven. I was imagining I would end up with a plasticky-taste and a melting new pan. I tried Nigella’s chocolate chip muffin recipe here. Replaced the milk with low-fat soya. Dropped to only 75g of muscovado sugar (I hate the highly processed and bleached white sugar). and made do with only drinking chocolate (pero organic and fairtrade naman) and 100g of cheap chocolate chips as that’s what’s in the cupboard. I only half-filled the cases as I’m not a real fan of muffin-tops.

It turns out great. No plastic taste. And the pan did not melt. I did not use any paper muffin cases (as i always thought they’re a waste of paper and only made the muffin harder to eat). The muffins just slides out. No knife-poking at the sides needed! No more warped pans as well as this is what happens if you don’t fill out all the muffin cases (you should fill them with water daw so they don’t warp, but i’m too forgetful and i almost ended up scalding myself with the hot water the last time i did that). Kaya lang the muffin peaks were at one side instead of the middle, kasi the pan wobbles as i put them in the oven.

Next time, I’m trying Nigella’s recipe again but with better cocoa and chocolate chips…and no photos.  I don’t want them open for criticism he he he.